Designing a house for Elderly

So when i designed the house i tried to find all possible disabilities that an elderly could possibly develop and find a solution to help with that problem or to leave the options for modification to solve that problem without need for a major redesign.



The entrance shall be on ground level so wheelchair and/or supportive tool can easily enter the house.

The door shall be of a wide design so there is no problem getting in and out with said supportive tools. The door shall have the option to open with the press of a button and stay open as long as something is blocking the door and a few seconds after. Instead of a normal lock with a physical key, a digital key will be used to avoid findeling with the lock when eyesight have bin reduced and/or shaky hands. This key only need to be swiped or held above a sensor and the door unlocks, the key don’t require any power so there is no risk of a battery running out and locking yourself outside your house.


The kitchen shall be designed with a wheelchair/other supportive tool in mind while at the same time work while standing up. To solve this i removed everything below the ”workspace” this means that the oven cannot be below the cooking plates, but thats not that strange there are several ovens that can be placed on a bench/inside a wall. This kind of design needs a bit more space since you can’t have any drawers with tools. So removing the stuff under the workspace might give room for wheelchairs to work close to the bench but what about standing people? Well i was thinking to make it height adjustable. This will be a challenge with the sink but i think that will be doable, so now the height can be adjusted for both users.

Living room

In the living room there should be a TV with aid for reduced hearing in the form of wireless headsets with individually adjustable volume. And to aid people with problems to get up from the sofa there should be a possibility to have a retractable handle that can come down from the roof.


The Bed should be nice and have a motor and be moddable to include a handle like the sick beds incase thats necessary, and since older people might need to visit the bathroom more frequently the bedroom should be next to the bathroom and containing a ”backdoor” into the bathroom for faster access.


The Bathroom should be floored with non slip tiles to avoid accidents when wet. The bathroom should also be big enough to house a shower without walls/doors to make its easier to enter and exit, then no matter if you need to have a wheelchair or other aid in the shower it won’t be a problem to get there. The bathtub will have a net like aid inside it that can be risen to the edge so you can just sit down on it and then get lower down in the tub, this way the problem getting in and out a tub will be just to sit down and lay down just like a bed rather than having to climb up and down a water filled hole risking to fall and hurt yourself.

Inside Doors

The number of doors should be minimized since i don’t feel they are need, only the bathroom and bedroom should have door. And even they should be of a larger size so moving throw them will be no problem no matter what kind of aid or disability you have. Also there should be no thresholds not even where there are doors.

Overall layout and other stuff

The overall layout should be open with alot of room. And should not have unnecessary stuff on the floors, it should be easy to navigate even with reduced vision.

The reduced vision elderly people get often affects their ability to spot dust so cleaning is harder, and there is also a lot of other things that can affect their ability to clean the house so to help this there should be a selfwalking wacumcleaner.

another feature in the house is a kind of intercom system that can remind you of things you might have forgotten and can be programed to have returning reminders or one shot once.



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